DIY Zoom Rooms

Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, or ready to have Zoom Professional Services install, the DIY Zoom ROOMs are designed to deliver the best-in-class Zoom group experience. There are two sizes of rooms: Huddle Rooms (3-6 people) and Conference Rooms (6-10 people.)


The first step is to select your room size (Huddle Space or Conference Room) and operating system (MAC or PC.) Second, to take it to the next level of an installed system, more integral to your room, add the Zoom HUDDLE ROOM for INSTALLATION ACCESSORY PACK for your system. It includes a wall mount for the camera, mount to place the Mac Mini behind the display, cabling, extenders, fasteners, hardware and keyboard for set-up. If all these essential install parts seem unclear to you, don’t worry. You also get the easy-to-follow Quick Start Guide to walk you through set-up. Third, simply provide a display of your own or add the next option – the Zoom HUDDLE ROOM MOUNTABLE DISPLAY PACKAGE.

To get started with your DIY Zoom Room, choose from the options below.